Looking For A Collaborator


I’m tired of working alone.

Since I started programming, almost everything I worked on outside of work and hackathons were solo projects. There are a few exceptions, but either timing wasn’t right or initial interest in a project quickly turned into indifference.

Traditionally, coding was a solitary activity for me. I taught myself to code so I didn’t have a bunch of computer science classmates to experiment with. Rather than put effort into finding someone to work with I just kept coding. It was easier in the short term.

Now, I’m looking for a collaborator.

A collaborator is not a co-founder. I don’t want to start a company right now. I want to explore. A collaborator is someone you would continue working with if the current project didn’t work out. You help keep each other sane and complement each other.

Jobs and Woz were collaborators turned co-founders. They did a bunch of projects before Apple: blue boxes, Atari circuit boards, etc. They explored their interests and couldn’t not work together. If Apple wasn’t a success, maybe they would have forever contently tinkered away in garages together.

I’m not looking for much in a potential collaborator. Someone that has wonky ideas and enthusiasm is preferred. Previous design or engineering skills would be nice, but aren’t important. Location doesn’t matter.

Most of our time would be spent getting to know each other and exploring things one or both of us are interested in. We would exchange excited text messages at random times about an idea one of us just had on the subway, go for aimless walks, etc.

Before we build anything, it’s important we can empathize with each other.

A little about me: I’m an engineer and occasional designer. I mostly build for the web, although I’ve made mobile apps in the past. I’m comfortable with frontend, backend, and devops. Currently, I work on Patreon remotely from NYC. A few projects I’m proud of are Mute.vc, Notational, and this blog.

If working together sounds interesting, or you have a friend that might be interested, send me an email (tom@meagher.co) or Twitter DM so we can start chatting. You can simply say hi and that you read this post.

Thanks to Latika Sridhar for reading drafts of this.