Day One

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I started journaling a little over three years ago. Every night before I go to sleep, I open up Day One and type something. It can be about people I have known for a while or just met that day. Events experienced for the first time or things I’ve been doing so long I don’t remember when I started. I often introspect on decisions, emotions, motivations.

I capture a lot. And it initially wasn’t a conscious decision to do so.

Many that know me, know that I love checking out new apps and tech. A few years ago, when I was visiting the Cape during the fourth of July, Day One was Apple’s Free App of the Week.1 So, I downloaded it to try it out. The result is 1,135 entries in 1,045 days from all over the planet: Boston, Manhattan, Istanbul, Bangalore, and many more places.

It’s rewarding to look back at entries and dive into my thoughts/life at that snapshot. Definitely something that will make me more and more nostalgic as more time passes. Reading old entries also makes me excited for the future. When I read what I wrote a six months ago, a year ago, and even further into the past, sometimes I’m embarrassed with myself.

Feeling uncomfortable about my past self means I’ve grown in some way. Often people don’t realize they are changing unless they know what they used to be like. They might be able to acknowledge what the changes are, but they likely can’t explain why or how they happened. I’d like to think journaling helps me narrow down the catalysts for my own transformations. Just a bit.

Many a time, I’ve found solace in pecking away at my keyboard after a long day. A sort of soothing one-way conversation, where I can take thoughts out of my head and let them rest somewhere else.

Day One is a beautiful app and—if you couldn’t gather from this post—one of my favorites. I love all the data that it captures. And that it makes it easy to, well, write. My two favorite features are a map that let’s you filter your journals by location and tagging collections of entries, like “Rebecca London 2017.”

If typing isn’t your thing, there’s an auto-journaling feature based on your geo, movement, and other data captured by your phone.

  1. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like they are continuing the Free App of the Week any more starting with iOS 11