New Year, New Site

Deep breathe in. Deep breathe out.

Not sure about you, but a lot happened to me in 2016.

I traveled a bunch, wrote (and deleted) many lines of code, was hospitalized for some suspected weird travel-related disease (I’m fine!), finished 8/11ths of my Master’s degree, and started blogging again.

If you’re reading this, you made it this far too! Congrats! You should reward yourself with your favorite tasty treat. I rewarded myself with a chance to catch my breathe.

On the top of my list was updating the very website wherein you are reading these words right now.

My old site felt—well, old. It wasn’t particularly informative nor did it capture who I am very well. Take a look for yourself.

Old Site

Very 2016 if you ask me. Lots of white space and various shades of gray. Not a lot of substance you can sink your teeth into. Kind of like Steak-umms, but without the adverse health effects and emotional scarring.

So I took inspiration from some of my favorite places and designs on the Interwebs to make it right.

I think it turned out nicely. (Let me know how much you hate it below.)

Old Site

Good luck in 2017! You’ll do great.