How do you quantify the love you have for another person? Is it measured in the amount of gifts you receive versus the amount of gifts you give? Is it how much you talk to each other? What your snap streak is?

I think it’s all about time. Not only time spent with them—but also time spent in other ways. Time thinking. Time wishing. Time planning. Times when you went to get janky late-night pizza together, not caring about how fast you inhaled it after.

All this time adds up.

No one keeps count. But you can feel it.

You feel it deep within your soul.

The reason it feels so good is because time is the most precious thing we have. You never get it back and you never get to choose exactly how to spend it. Because if you aren’t living in the present moment—either concentrating on the past or future—you miss the now. And everything happens in the now.

Love really is what you make of it in time. Not necessarily, seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, and years, but the unquantifiable experiences. The experiences that you never want to end or pass too quickly.

Typically time heals everything.

As the clock ticks, people might forget about the time they cooked a certain meal with someone, or the time they felt happy that a loved one beat them at chess. But as time passes, it does not heal love. The love always exists.

It might not be as strong as it once was. Somewhere inside of you though, it’s there. Once you have felt that feeling, it is a part of you forever.

Harness it, and change your world.