Roses & Thorns

At the close of every day, I do roses and thorns—where you exchange that day’s positives and negatives with another person(s). It’s a great opportunity to reflect with and listen to someone you care about. Often, it’s the most consistent time I have to do so.

Even though you may have a similar day to someone, your roses and thorns may be quite different. In contrast, you could be half a world away and have surprisingly similar ones.

Perspective manifests itself in a very interesting way. Sometimes roses and thorns carry into a long dialogue about good, bad, and everything in between. Other times, it’s just about sharing a fleeting moment of empathy. Whatever the result, it truly feels frictionless.

A modest exchange: a rose for a rose and a thorn for a thorn. Most likely you are all the better for the trade. Sharing in the joys of each others’ roses and commiserating over the thorns.

There’s no better time than just before you go to sleep, or perhaps over a late-night cup of chai, to slow down and share before the day resets.