Pixels over code

Today, anyone can teach themselves to code. You don’t even have to study computer science. Just use the Internet.

I did.

Making it even easier, a lot of technological problems are already figured out. All you really need is a good working knowledge of what’s possible. Then you can cobble it all together.

It will work.

Might not be pretty though.

Nowadays, making it pretty on the front-end is what really matters.

Users are long over accepting bugs and crashes in software. What they care about is not that your app works, but that it looks good. Beautiful in fact.

How did this happen?

The proverbial design bar has been set really high. With users’ expectations skyrocketing even higher.

Apple, see Jonny Ive, and a whole host of others—outside Apple—had a say in that. Stripe, Spotify, Dropbox, and even Snapchat and Tinder make beautiful, usable products.

Two of Airbnb’s three founders are designers.

It just makes sense.

Users don’t give a shit about tech.

I love code and that won’t stop anytime soon. (I am a programmer after all.) But design is key going forward.

Make things that function and make them beautiful.